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Family Days

A little background

The foundation has held a family reunion every year since its inception. In the beginning they were very formal, because they did not know each other yet. Later these became very pleasant gatherings that many people looked forward to. On the right is the list of all Family Days held from the start of the Family Foundation to the present day, 25 in total.

Family days are no longer being organized (too few participants, but also due to restrictive measures due to the corona virus). But that does not mean that we no longer want to be in touch, just let us know that you are there!

Below a number of photos of different family days, taken by Elly Sparreboom-Dammers.

The list

  • 1990 Barendrecht
  • 1991 Barendrecht
  • 1992 Arnhem open air museum
  • 1993 Plaswijck Rotterdam
  • 1994 Barendrecht
  • 1995 Woudenberg
  • 1996 Zeist
  • 1997 Boat trip with the Fortuna from Spijkenisse
  • 1998 Brielle
  • 1999 De Rijp
  • 2000 Rotterdam-IJsselmonde
  • 2001 Rotterdam-IJsselmonde
  • 2002 RTM Ouddorp
  • 2003 Schoonhoven (guided tour of the Silver Museum)
  • 2004 ICS Dordrecht
  • 2005 Belastingmuseum Rotterdam
  • 2006 Rijsoord (Legermuseum)
  • 2007 Maasvlakte
  • 2008 Biesbosch
  • 2009 Expo Stellendam
  • 2010 Barneveld (Toy and Craft Museum)
  • 2011 Valkenswaard (Cigar Museum and Falconry Museum)
  • 2012 Regional museum Heinenoord
  • 2013 Dune houses in Rockanje
  • 2014 Restaurant “de Krom” in Oud Alblas and on a boat from Glasshopper Kinderdijk B.V.
  • 2015 to present: no more reunions.