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Who are we?

A foundation…

The genealogy foundation was founded on January 26, 1990. And since then there have been several changes in the board. At the moment there are seven board members who introduce themselves below.

The most important are of course the members, who have contributed a lot of information and fun in recent years. Although there are about fifty members, no financial contribution is expected from them. Previously, an annual contribution was mainly used to pay for the Family Days.


The purpose of the foundation is described in the articles of association. And an important part of that is:

Conducting, conducting and promoting genealogical research, both in and outside the Netherlands, concerning the Sparreboom family and coordinating, documenting and publishing the obtained data.

This has resulted in approximately 65 family magazines and a fully digitized genealogy of more than 10,000 persons. Later this website was added for publications and we hope to release another book.

The board

Jan Sparreboom

Genealogist, web administrator and chairman

Jan Sparreboom

Administrator and Editor

Laura Sparreboom


Fred Sparreboom


Rudolf Sparreboom

Genealogist and board member


Web publicist





Former board members

A not (yet) complete overview.

Gerrit Sparreboom


Gerrit was chairman from 11/27/1990 to 12/31/1995.

Trudy Sparreboom


Trudy has been chairman from 01/01/1996 to 12/31/2020.

Ingrid Sparreboom


Ingrid has been secretary from 01/01/1998 to 12/01/2014.

Carlo Sparreboom


Carlo was secretary from 11/27/1990 to 12/31/1997

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